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Phone Forensics

Need to keep track of what is being texted or what calls are being made on your phone? Our phone monitoring software will do all that and more!

We can install this software on almost any phone* and once it is on there, it is completely invisible so will not disturb or affect your use and if anyone gets their hands on your phone, they won’t be aware of its presence. It will record all actions performed with the phone from calls made to texts sent and received to websites visited so that you can look back at any time and reference these records on your phone.

Our monitoring software can capture:

Text Logging (incoming/outgoing)

Call History (incoming/outgoing)

GPS and mobile ID Location Tracking

Able to Listening in live to conversations that are taking place around the handset

Email Logging (incoming/outgoing)

Call Duration (incoming/outgoing)

Receive SMS when your mobiles SIM is changed

Contact Name in Address book linked to each call/sms

*We assume no liability and are not responsible whatsoever for any misuse or damage caused by our software. It is the final user’s responsibility to obey all relevant laws in their country pertaining to the rightful use of this software. By purchasng and downloading our software, you hereby agree to the above. The purchaser must have absolute title to the phone handset.

Affordable Rates and Excellent Customer Service

  • We offer highly competitive rates without cutting back on customer service
  • All clients receive a personal and dedicated case manager throughout their case
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How an Investigation Works

  • Get in touch
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  • Commence the investigation

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