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Matrimonial – Cheating Partners

As much as we don’t like it, the divorce rate is much higher than it ever was for previous generations and relationships are becoming harder and harder to maintain and make work.

Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that some people do resort to infidelity as a way of coping or simply moving from one relationship to another with the least impact on their own feelings. This almost always leaves the other partner in pain and distress. However, the hardest time during this process is the period of not knowing whether one is being cheated on or not. Some people don’t want to know and some really do.

We are here for those who want to get answers. Getting answers can help to gain some closure on the subject. Closure might result in confronting the cheating partner and lead to forgiveness which in some cases can result in a happy ending. It may, on the other hand, give the cheated partner the information they need to end the relationship and move on. On the other hand, once the situation is investigated, it often turns out that there is no cheating going on, which of course is always the desired outcome.

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