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Having a “gut” feeling that something isn’t quite right about a partner’s actions can be unnerving and uncomfortable. This is a feeling that no one should have to experience. If you think your husband is having and affair or think your wife is having an affair, it can give you significant worries and cause stress. You deserve to know the truth and to have answers. These answers may not always be the easiest to hear but could also reassure you that all is well. Unfortunately over 90% of our private detectives who conduct matrimonial surveillance find the subject to be having an affair, being unfaithful or lying to their partner or spouse. Our investigator are able to confirm your “gut” suspicions and answer a lot of questions you may find you have.

At Focus, our private investigators have the experience and expert training to handle delicate matrimonial investigations with compassion and understanding. We will guide you through all aspects of the investigation, with your personal case detective on hand to offer advice, answer your questions and provide you with updates throughout your investigation.

For example:

  • Hiding assets
  • Disguising their financial position
  • Cohabiting with a new partner
  • Denying infidelity

Affordable Rates and Excellent Customer Service

  • We offer highly competitive rates without cutting back on customer service
  • All clients receive a personal and dedicated case manager throughout their case
  • Contact your case manager by phone or email – you decide

How an Investigation Works

  • Get in touch
  • Discuss a plan with a personal case manager
  • Commence the investigation

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