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Commercial and Corporate

We have been working within the commercial and corporate industry for the past 30 years with some of the biggest blue chip names in the world. We always perform beyond our clients’ expectations.

Business Operations are prone to many forms of risk.

  • Theft of information (intellectual property, copyright, counterfeiting, data mining)
  • Information leaks and insecurity
  • Loss of data or risks to customer information
  • Threat of liability if information leaks or is stolen
  • Loss or theft of goods (pilferage, grey market activity etc)
  • Hacking risk (being used as a proxy for other illegal activity)
  • Financial impropriety (false accounting, embezzlement
  • Reputation damage if things go wrong

Discovering the reality or risk of these problem can also be called business investigation – a private detective’s job in these cases is to answer four key questions for their client.

1. Is your company safe?
2. Where are the risks?
3. Who is putting your business at risk?
4. Is there evidence of criminal activity?

Corporate risk is a huge area of concern and even small businesses are now exposed to the possibility of losing goods, intellectual property and income through the activity of criminals inside and outside the business.

At Focus Detectives we have a dedicated Corporate Investigation team. We have wide experience of corporate risk and of conducting discreet corporate investigations to guarantee the safety and profitability of our clients.

Affordable Rates and Excellent Customer Service

  • We offer highly competitive rates without cutting back on customer service
  • All clients receive a personal and dedicated case manager throughout their case
  • Contact your case manager by phone or email – you decide

How an Investigation Works

  • Get in touch
  • Discuss a plan with a personal case manager
  • Commence the investigation

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